Mission Statement

G.E.A.R.S. is..

A model Engineering and Home Shop Machinist exhibition where those who practice and support the hobbies of Home Machining and Model Engineering gather to display the products of their labor. It is a place where we can meet with others with similar interests and share our work and experiences.

GEARS is presented by Oregon Home Machinists Inc.

About Oregon Home Machinist, Inc.

OHM is a non-profit corporation, founded by the Model Engineering clubs of Oregon, dedicated to increasing interest in the hobbies of home shop machining and model making.

Our primary activity at this point is presenting the GEARS show. As we realize success with the GEARS show we intend to look for other opportunities to further these hobbies.

Who comes to GEARS?

Anyone interested in home shop machining, model engineering and model engines.

Exhibitors come to share their work and experineces, view others work and to meet others with the same interests.

Vendors come to sell their equipment, materials, literature and services. It is an opportunity for them to get exposure to a wider audience and generate interest in their procucts.

The general public is invited to attend and experience the sights and sounds of hundreds of finely crafted models of all types. They are encouraged to ask lots of questions and perhaps even join one of their local clubs to learn more about what this hobby is about.

GEARS is an outstanding place for young people to learn about the technologies that drove this country during the last century and a half. It is a chance for them to talk directly to people who understand this technology are most willing to share their knowledge.

And most importantly GEARS is a place to have fun!